10 Facts About Rough Sleeping

10 Facts About Rough Sleeping

Hello again! As we try to build a night shelter in Hatfield to help those in need, it is important that we try to understand the challenges facing our community but to also understand the issues faced by those who are sleeping rough.  There are very many sources of information and independent pieces of research carried out from a number of organisations and so to help you gain more information on these issues I have chosen 10 facts that you may find surprising.

In the past year there was a higher increase in rough sleeping levels outside of London at 21%, compared to only 3% in the capital. (source crisis.org.uk)


The East of England has seen the biggest percentage increase in rough sleeping since last year (44%).  (source homelesslink.org.uk)


78% of homeless people report having a physical health condition. 37% for the general population. (source homelesslink.org.uk)


44% of homeless people have a mental health diagnoses, in comparison with 23% of the general population.  (source homelesslink.org.uk)


47 is the average age of death for a homeless person. (source crisis.org.uk)


Rough sleepers are almost 17 times more likely to have been a victim of violence in the past year. (source crisis.org.uk)


The cost of rough sleeping for 12 months (£20,128) vs cost of successful intervention (£1,426) (source crisis.org.uk – at what cost 2015)


There were an estimated 4,134 people sleeping rough in England on a single night in the Autumn of 2016. (source crisis.org.uk – types of homelessness)


You can help someone who is rough sleeping by getting them in contact with help through



You can help your local Hatfield community by helping us establish a night shelter with a wide ranging support network to assist those in need by volunteering your time – HERE


You can find more information and research about rough sleeping here:

Crisis.org.uk – Homelessness Knowledge HUB

Homeless Link

Get advice from Shelter


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