Can you Volunteer?

To help us get this project up and established by November 2017 we need your help to raise funds, prepare venues, help and support those in need. Any time that you can volunteer would be very helpful, no matter what the time! If you can only offer 1 hour on Wednesday night that is just as worthwhile as someone who can offer all day every day. Every little hour helps.

Here is a list of activities that we will need your help with.

Can you volunteer for any of the following?

Night shelter set up                                                                                                        1800 – 1900

Clean venue                                                                                                                     1800 – 1900

Meet and greet                                                                                                                1900 – 2200

Prepare refreshments                                                                                                   1900 – 2200

Prepare evening meal                                                                                                   1900 – 2200

Overnight shift                                                                                                                2200 – 0600

Prepare breakfast                                                                                                           0600 – 0900

Clean venue                                                                                                                     0600 – 0900

Venue pack away                                                                                                            0600 – 0900

Laundry                                                                                                                            0600 – 0900+

Night shift team leader                                                                                                  2200 – 0600


Social work


Personal welfare

Healthcare professional

Any other skills

If the answer to any of those is YES please get in contact HERE


Hatfield Night Shelter Poster


Hatfield Night Shelter