Found a Rough Sleeper in Welwyn Hatfield?

Have you found someone sleeping rough around Welwyn Hatfield?

The very best way to report someone you have found is via:

Street Link

or Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

on 01707 357 613 (during office hours) or 0800 111 4484 (outside office hours).

Welwyn Hatfield

When someone is reported through either of these methods an outreach worker from Resolve is sent to meet with them to ascertain their circumstances and the assistance that can be given.

Hatfield Night Shelter is not an open access shelter nor are we outreach workers. Those who are invited to stay follow our referral pathway in partnership with Resolve who are the main outreach workers for the borough. They will make an assessment as to which pathway and support is required. There are many pathways open to those who are sleeping rough/homeless, or have other needs, and should Resolve decide that the best route for a person at that time is through Hatfield Night Shelter they will recommend a referral.

From here a risk assessment is carried out to best determine their suitability based on the risk to themselves and others, the capacity of the shelter to handle particular needs and of course how many beds are available at that time.

By working in this manner Hatfield Night Shelter ensures the safety of its volunteers, other guests and also has a number of clear pathways to resolution which is ultimately lead by Resolve.

Please do not refer any person directly to the shelter itself as this can have damaging consequences.

Firstly they will not be admitted – this is upsetting for both the person in need but also our volunteers – but this does ensure we know exactly who is admitted at that time. We do not wish to inadvertently admit someone who has legal restrictions in place or worse, therefore prior contact with Resolve is essential!

Secondly by following this referral pathway the person in need does need to work with Resolve from the very beginning, this ensures multiple pathways are opened up and the shelter is not simply a place to stay but a space for change.

Finally the bed and guest list is carefully planned with Resolve to try to achieve the best outcomes between a mixture of circumstances such as those who are “new to the street”, “returners” and those who are “street living”. Each one has its own particular challenges and methods of engagement.

A well intentioned referral direct to the shelter bypasses these important steps and so reduces our effectiveness. There are 10 beds available and capacity has already been reached!

Finally if you would like to volunteer with the Hatfield Night Shelter you can find more details here.